About Us


Our Approach

At Inari Games we believe in games that are stimulating, engaging and fun - all at the same time. We are passionate about designing and making games that satisfy all three. No, you won’t see us making games with the Kardashians or WWE characters. But if you wanted to test your verbal dexterity, traverse the incredible rich world of trivia, act like code breakers during World War II, rescue hostages using a combination of ingenious strategy and wit, you are in the right place.

Our Story

Inari Games was conceived out of boredom - bored after searching, browsing and playing existing games. There’s only so much of flinging projectiles that we can do. Trivia games harked back to days when quizmasters would filch questions from the CIA World Factbook - “What is the capital of Burkina Faso?” and “What language is spoken in Azerbaijan?” We were done playing Scrabble. We wanted to play games that we enjoy playing and the best way to do that was to build those games.