Word Ladder


Lewis Carroll posed the “doublet” puzzle in 1879. How do you go from APE to MAN? APE -> APT -> OPT -> OAT -> MAT -> MAN. “Doublet” booklets of puzzles were soon published and they became an immediate hit. But they had one problem: the number of puzzles were limited. Word Ladder by Inari Games doesn’t have that problem. With literally tens of thousands of puzzles (all of which have a solution) of varying complexity, we guarantee you’ll never run out of puzzles to play.

How do you from PICK to HALE? PICK -> SICK -> SILK -> SILT -> HILT -> HOLT -> HOLE -> HALE. Hmm, could we find a shorter one? Yup, you bet. We don’t need to take a detour from HILT to HOLT and HOLE, when a more direct route is available via HALT. So how about? PICK -> SICK -> SILK -> SILT -> HILT -> HALT -> HALE? Can we find an even shorter one? Yup, you bet. It involves PACKing your lemons to take to the PARK and PARE the peels off them to feed to the HAREs that are HALE and hearty. PICK -> PACK -> PARK -> PARE -> HARE -> HALE

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Charlie's Heist

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